How to Retrieve Reminders from iPhone 5S After Deleted or Lost

iPhone reminder is very helpful for you to record to-dos in your daily life or work. Generally speaking, it is not likely to lose your reminder data, unless the following things happen

Accident 1: After connecting to iCloud last night and setting up my sync for Calendars, I noticed today that all my Reminders have disappeared.

Accident 2: I accidentally deleted the "Reminders" list on my iPhone 5S after installing iOS 7.  Now I have no lists and no means to add a reminder (no plus sign and no list).

Yeah, sync iCloud and accidentally deletion are the most common reasons that due to your reminder lost. If the daily schedule means a lot to you, and you forgot what you have set up, then the guide below will tell you how to retrieve reminders from iPhone 5S.
retrieve reminders from iphone 5s

What You Need:
1. A computer can connect with internet.
2. iPhone(if you do not have a backup) or iTunes backup file(already backed up).
3. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program: the key to restore reminders.

The first thing you need to do is to download iPhone Data Recovery program on your PC and install it. Then, what’s the next? There are two cases: Guide 1 specific for those iPhone users who do not have an iTunes or iCloud backup and please read Guide 2 if you have synced iPhone with iTunes before lost your reminders.

Guide 1: Recover Reminders on iPhone without Backup

Before you get started, don’t write any data into your iPhone to avoid the new files cover the lost data. It's pretty easy to get the reminders back, read the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Double clicks to open iPhone Data Recovery tool and stay in the recovery mode of “Recover Data from iOS Device”, then get your iPhone 5S connected to computer with a digital cable, then click the “Start” button to begin.
Step 2: When the scan is over, the scan result will be presented as catalogue like Reminder, Contacts, and Photos etc. You can preview your lost reminders in “Reminders”.
Step 3: Here is a choice that only displays the deleted items that you can just check those deleted reminders or just select the reminders you want, and then click on “Recover” button to save reminders on your computer.

Guide 2: Retrieve iPhone Deleted Reminders from iTunes Backup File

In this guide, iPhone Data Recovery program is also the tool we will use and the steps are similar as the guide above. Likewise, here is a note before get start: please don’t sync your iPhone with iTunes in order to preserve your backed up data.

# 1: Launch program and choose “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” as recovery mode, then you will see all backup files you made on your computer will be displayed. Choose the backup file of your iPhone 5S and click “Start Scan” button.
# 2: It will take you few seconds to scan backup file. After it, you can preview all the contents in the backup before recovery it. Move your eyes to the group of “Reminders” if you just need the reminders.
# 3: The last step is to tick those reminders you need to restore, then hit “Recover” button.

This is the whole process of iPhone reminder recovery, pretty simple, right?

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