How to Recover Disappeared iPhone 6s Contacts

“Help! My iPhone 6s contacts disappeared! They are so important to me! Who can help me to get them back!”

Why your iPhone 6s contacts disappeared ?

1. Most people deleted contacts on iPhone 6s by pressing wrong buttons.
2. Lost iPhone 6s contacts after recovery-mode restore
3. Update or downgrade to lower version could erase contacts from iPhone 6/6s
4 .Jailbreak failure or improper operations during jailbreak can cause contacts loss.
5. iPhone 6s is inaccessible because of black screen, system error, locked screen (forgot password), or stuck in recovery mode, blue screen of death, etc.
6. iPhone is crashed, smashed, broken, water damaged, lost or stolen.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is the most professional tool to recovere their lost contacts, notes, photos, sms and more from iPhone. Even if you lost iPhone 6s contacts after iOS 9 upgrade or iOS 9 update failing, you can retrieve them in 3 recovery ways.

How to use Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery to recover iPhone 6s contacts?

Way 1: Recover contacts from iPhone 6s without Backup
iPhone users who do not have backup files can try this way.
Connect your iPhone to pc and start this iPhone data restore software to scan iPhone.
1. All data including both existing and deleted are displayed. Preview the contacts you want to back up or recover.
2. Click “Recover” to save to computer.

Way 2: Recover iPhone 6s contacts from iTunes Backup 
1. Select "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File". You will see all iTunes backup contacts.
2. Select your iPhone 6s backup contacts and click "Start Scan" to start iTunes backup extracting.
3. After scanning, you can preview all you lost data(contacts, notes, sms, photos, videos, and more). Select the lost contacts you need, click "Recover". Then, save the recovered iPhone contacts.

Way 3: Restore iPhone 6s contacts from iCloud backup
If your iPhone 6s became inaccessible after iOS 9 update failing, you can extract data from iCloud backup.
1. Select "Recover lost data from iCloud backup" and login iCloud account.
2. Select the backup contacts you need and click "Next".
3. Preview and select you need and click "Recover" to save them on PC.

Hope the 3 ways above can give you help! And if you want to know more about the way to recover lost data from Windows/Mac/iPad/iPod, check this homepage !


How to Fix Can't Get Email on iPhone

It is possible that you can not send e-mails on your iPhone. In addition, you may not be able to receive certain messages. This article shows several situations why can't get email on iPhone and teach you how to fix these issues.

Situation 1: Just move or register a new domain name?

In this situation, it need 12-36 hours to propagate your domain name to servers worldwide, so be patient and wait, after a while, you can receive email on your iPhone.

Situation 2: Did you complete the set up of your email?

Check your email and make sure that your email by assigning both name and password. Go to "Settings > >Mail, Contacts, Calendars" on your iPhone and check your email account again.

Situation 3: iPhone doesn’t connect with Internet?

As for this situation, you need to connect your iPhone with Internet first, such as WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G network, then try to receive email on iPhone.

Situation 4: Set up any e-mail filters?

If you have set up any email filters, then you can’t get email on iPhone because it is limited by the filters. You only need to release the filter and then you can receive the e-mail.

Situation 5: iPhone crashes or emailbox doesn’t response?

If you encounter this situation, I think that restart your iPhone is the best solution for your iPhone can’t get email problem. If the restart function doesn’t work, here a free iPhone reboot tool can help you reboot your iPhone with ease.

Additional: How to configure email account on iPhone.

Set up your email on iPhone

First, once you arrive on the home window of your iPhone, click on the application "Settings". A new window appears, then click the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar."

On the next window in the "Accounts" click on "Add Account". You are now on the window below. Select "Other" and click "Add Mail Account".

Enter your information

Here, enter the information you received by e-mail during the installation of your shared hosting. Then you complete configure email account on iPhone.


How to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Won't Connect to iTunes When in Recovery Mode?

"iTunes does recognize my iPhone 6 Plus, but when I select 'restore', it goes through a few progress bars then errors again. I've already try to hard reset the phone but that doesn't work either. What should I do ? Who can help me??"

Your iPhone 6 Plus seems stuck in in recovery mode. And the iPhone sometimes get stuck in recovery mode if:
1.    You intentionally activated recovery mode to solve a problem
2.    You’re trying to jailbreak your iPhone and it all went terribly wrong
3.    Like many of us – you were simply trying to update to the latest iOS software


But don’t worry, Reiboot is a totally free tool  which enables you to fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck  in recovery mode loop with just click, and you don't have to worry about any data loss.

How to use Reiboot to fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck  in recovery mode?


1.     Download Reiboot first, then plug your iPhone 6 Plus that stuck in recovery mode, the "Exit Recovery  Mode" button will be activated when the connection is successfully built.
2.     Click on the button and wait for about 10-20 seconds to fix the recovery mode issue. Then your iPhone will reboot signifying that iPhone 6 Plus is out of recovery mode.
It is very easy to use, isn’t it? You also can use Reiboot to get out of Recovery Mode even when your iPhone/iPad/iPod (Including the Latest iOS 9 Devices) encountered reboot failure, such as getting stuck with Apple logo, black screen, iTunes logo/cable, or an endless loop of rebooting.

If you want to solve more iOS system problems and othe issues on Mac, you can use Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro on Mac for help.


4 Methods to Fix Frozen iPhone 5 during iOS Update

Many iPhone users will be attracted by the new iOS system, because the new iOS system must have some new features and a better user experience, for example, iOS 9 has better battery life, smaller installation size, smarter siri and more new features. But there are some problems, some users has complained that their iPhone 5 freeze during iOS update(including iOS 9/8.4/8/7).

To help get rid of this issue, we will introduce 4 workable methods to fix frozen iPhone 5 during iOS 9/8.4/8.2/8/7 update.

1. Force Restart Your iPhone 5

If your iPhone 5 does not have any response, you can force restart the device by holding down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously for around 10 seconds.

2. Reset Your iPhone 5 to Factory Settings

If your iPhone 5 keep freezing during iOS upgrade, and you can’t fix it through the force restart, you can try to reset your iPhone 5 to factory settings. Navigate to “Settings” >> “General” >> “Reset” >> “Reset all Settings”.

3. Reboot Your iPhone 5 with Reiboot

If you can’t fix frozen iPhone by force restart or hard reset the device, you can try a third-party software named Reiboot, which can reboot iPhone in the cases of recovery mode/red iTunes logo, Apple logo stuck and more freeze problem during iOS upgrade. Even when your iPhone's Home button is broken.

4. Restore Your iPhone 5 with iTunes

If the methods above still can not fix your frozen iPhone 5, you need to restore the iPhone with iTunes. Connect you iPhone 5 to computer, when it appears on iTunes, select the device and click on “Restore iPhone”, then click "Restore" in the pop up windows, follow the wizard and iTunes will automatically download the latest firmware used to update iPhone to the newest iOS. When it is finished, you can your iPhone again, but the frozen problem is fixed.

After your frozen iPhone is fixed, you also need to update the apps and remove the junk files to prevent your iPhone from freezing again, hopefully the 4 methods above can help you.


How to Restart my Locked iPhone 6 Plus

"Bad luck, I just bought iPhone 6 Plus, but it was locked up after a few days because I forgot my iPhone password. Who can help me! "
Don’t worry, this question is very common as well as you suddenly forget your back card password. When you forget your bank card password, you can go back to your house bank to reset a new password. Similarly, if you forgot your iPhone passcode, unluckily, your iPhone is stuck in the locked or disabled screen. At this time, you also need to reset your iPhone 6 Plus password. In this article, I will introduce you 2 top ways to unlock your iPhone 6 Plus, no matter you have synced your iPhone 6 Plus with iTunes or not.

Way 1. Unlock iPhone 6 Plus Password When you have never Sync iPhone with iTunes

If you have never sync your iPhone with iTunes before, follow the steps below to unlock iPhone 6 Plus password.
Tips: With this way you must ensure you have the latest iTunes on your PC.
1. Open iTunes and connect  iPhone 6 Plus to computer with a USB cable.
You may get the below message saying "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcord".

2. Disconnect the USB cable from iPhone, but leave the other end of the cable connected to your computer's USB port.
3. Turn off your iPhone 6 Plus. You can press and hold the Sleep button or Wake button for 10 seconds until the red slider appears. Then slide the slider and wait till iPhone turns off.
4. Keep press the Home button and reconnect the USB cable to iPhone 6 Plus at the same time. iPhone should turn on.
5. Keep holding the Home button until you see an image displaying a USB cable, the iTunes icon and a message saying "Connect to iTunes". Then release the home button.
6. iTunes should alert you that it has detected iPhone in recovery mode. Click "OK" and click "Restore" to restore your iPhone.
Tips: Restoring iPhone will cause data loss totally because you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes. But don't worry, you can use iPhone 6 Data Recovery to help you recover lost data, such as contacts, SMS text messages, photos, videos, notes, and more from your iPhone 6 Plus.

Way 2. Unlock iPhone Passcode When you have Synced iPhone 6 Plus with iTunes

If you have synced iPhone with iTunes, it will be more easy to reset your iPhone 6 Plus password.
1. Connect iPhone 6 Plus to computer which has the iTunes you sync iPhone with.
2. Run iTunes if it doesn't open itself.
3. Select "Back up".
4. After backup, select "Restore". After a while, you can recover data from your most recent backup in iTunes.
Hope one of  the two ways can help you! Good luck!


How to Backup Data When iPhone 6/6 Plus Home Button Don’t Work

You want to backup iPhone 6/6 Plus data, unfortunately, your iPhone 6/6 Plus  Home Button don't Work! That’s too bad, don’t worry, in this article, I will tell you about how to backup data when iPhone 6/6 Plus home button don’t work.

At this situation, you can try factory settings, if you have a back, you can restore iPhone 6/6 Plus data from a backup in iTunes. However, if you don't have a backup, iPhone Data Recovery software is the best choice for you to backup all your lost data including contacts, messages, photos, sms, notes and more from iPhone 6/6 Plus without backup.

How to use iPhone data recovery software to backup lost data from iPhone 6/6 Plus without backup When iPhone 6/6 Plus Home Button don’t work?

First, download iPhone data recovery software on your computer and connect iPhone 6/6 Plus to your computer via a USB cable.
Then, start to scan your iPhone 6/6 Plus lost data. It won’t take too long time. It takes less than one minute.
Last, preview and recover lost contacts, sms, notes, photos, videos and more you need. After scanning, all the data on your iPhone 6/6 Plus will be listed in the left side of interface. Select the data you need to backup and click "Recover".
Then, you can backup your iPhone 6/6 Plus data to your computer after you select a save path.

If you have backed up your iPhone data, you also can backup your iPhone 6/6 Plus data from iTunes and iCoud with iPhone data recovery software. And the steps are as simple as the above. You only need 3 steps: connect>>scan>>recover.

Now, you have known about when iPhone 6/6Plus Home Button don't Work how to backup data, maybe you also have the interest to know how to restart iPhone without home and power button .


Top 3 Ways to Solve iPhone 6/6 Plus Frozen and Won’t Shut Down

iPhone 6/6 Plus is frozen?  What’s more, your iPhone frozen and won’t shut down.  Don’t worry, in this article, you can learn how to reboot a frozen iPhone 6/6 Plus. In the following, I'll tell you 3 ways to fix a frozen iPhone 6/6 Plus. You can also use these ways if your iPhone 6/6 Plus stuck in recovery mode during iOS 8/9 update.

Way 1: Hard Restart your iPhone 6/6 Plus

Restart your iPhone seems to be an omnipotent trick to solve most problems we meet on the first try. In fact, it also applies to this situation .Restarting your iPhone will solve the freezing issue and complete the iOS 8/9 update.
1.    Keep pressing both the “Home” and the “Power” button until the Apple logo comes back on again.
2.    Then release both buttons and your iPhone should boot up successfully.

Way 2: Reboot iPhone 6/6 Plus with ReiBoot

Reboot your iPhone with Reiboot is also an effective way to fix frozen iPhone 6/6 Plus without data loss, especially when your iPhone Home or Power button is broken.
1.    Download the Free Trial Reiboot Software.
2.    Connect your iPhone to PC and launch the free iPhone reboot tool. Reiboot will detect the condition of your iPhone automatically.
3.    Click "Enter Recovery Mode", "Exit Recovery Mode" or use both according to the detecting result to reboot your iPhone.

Way 3: Restore your iPhone 6/6 Plus

Still can’t fix your frozen iPhone? In this case, you have no choice but to restore your iPhone to factory settings. What’s more, you must make sure you've backed your iPhone up before restoring .Because this operation essentially restores your iPhone to factory settings.

Good luck! Hope can help you, more ways to reboot a frozen or hung iPhone!