iPhone 5S Stuck in Recovery Mode-How to Get iPhone 5S Out of Recovery Mode

iphone 5S stuck in recovery mode
Like other version, the issue that stuck in recovery also takes place on iPhone 5S. First of all, let’s look at iPhone 5S user Adam’s misfortune:

I just bought the new iPhone 5S today, set up fine and backed up from iTunes. It asked me to update to ISO7.0.1 which I did, it downloaded and started the update then it said update failed and it has gone into recovery mode. ITunes say it has detected the iPhone in recovery mode, please restore to I tap restore and it starts updating then it fails saying unexpected error 17, when I look at apples site there is no error code 17 I need help please guys/ girls.

Generally speaking, iPhone stuck in recovery mode usually happens on when you restore iPhone backup (I have encountered such problem), or upgrade a new firmware (just like Adam). When my iPhone stuck in Recovery mode can’t go into DFU mode to restore, I tried below ways:

First of all, I connected my iPhone 5S with computer, then press and hold both home and power buttons at the same time for few seconds to do a reset. I release both buttons right now once the screen goes black which means it resets.

Press and hold the power button once again until the Apple logo appear a second later. Keep the power button and press the home button until the screen gets black.

At this time I release the power button but still keep pressing the home button. I entered the DFU mode when I heard “connect” sound from iTunes.

This way indeed helped me get iPhone 5S out of recovery mode, but it seems a little complicate, right? And if any one of the operation is improper, I have to do it again. The worse, I lost some important iPhone data! Fortunately, I found the solutions of how to recover iPhone data when stuck in recovery.

And, yesterday, when I updated iPhone 5S to iOS 7.0.4, it stuck in recovery mode second time! I complained to my brother about this problem, and he felt little surprised “Don’t you know that Tenorshare ReiBoot program can get iPhone out of recovery only with 1 click?” I replied “I think the program should be paid to use that I give up trying the ways which need tool.” “No! Tenorshare ReiBoot is totally free!”

Wow, it sounds really nice! I tried this tool immediately. As expected, it fixed iPhone stuck in recovery trouble easily, and it also helps to get iPhone into recovery mode. In additional, no data lost on iPhone. Even it is so simply, I still want to show you the detailed instruction here.

Step 1: Download Tenorshare ReiBoot tool and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone 5S to computer and run program. Then you can see the program interface as below:

Step 3: Just as shown in the interface, click “Exit Recovery Mode” will get your iPhone out of recovery mode and “Enter Recovery Mode” enables you put iPhone into recovery mode quickly.

Compared with the first way, ReiBoot make thing much easier and safer and this utility without paying any money. If you are in need, act now!

Moreover, you can visit http://www.any-data-recovery.com to find more mobile tips. 


  1. thanks its work it....

  2. Anonymous4/7/14 07:43

    When I click on exit recovery mode, program always fails ' reiboot.exe has stopped working'. It does not work for me.