Top 10 iPhone Problems People Ask For Help on Twitter

When you're faced with an unexpectedly iPhone problem, how do you deal with it? Take it to the Apple Genius bar, or get help from the internet? Actually, most people would like to find the solution on the internet firstly. Twitter is a famous and active platform which has a lot of professional person that it has became a good choice to solve iPhone problems online.

Twitter is a famous and active platform which has a lot of professional person that it has became a good choice to solve iPhone problems online. And today let’s take a look at what iPhone issues that most users would like to solve on Twitter and how to fix these issue.
iphone problems on Twitter

1. iPhone Won't Turn On

You would face a blank iPhone screen after a restore, black & blue screen, software update and screen replacement etc.
Solution: How to Fix An iPhone That Won't Turn On

2. iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode

iPhone stuck in recovery mode happens anytime, especially after iOS update, and even iPhone water damaged would lead to stuck and can't get it out .
Solution: How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

3. iPhone is Not Charging

If the lightning port was clogged or the charger is broke, you may find your iPhone's battery always stay in former number or lesser.
Solution: Fix iPhone Is Not Charging Problem

4. Lost Data on iPhone

Except ask for help directly like the user below, you also can see update from your friends like "I got a new iPhone but lost contacts, please text me."
Solution: How to Recover Lost or Deleted Data from iPhone

5. iPhone is Lost or Stolen

Despite little possibility, it still worth to try for someone have succeed before. 
Solution: How to Track a Lost or Stolen iPhone

6. Put iPhone into DFU Mode

Attention,DFU mode is different from recovery mode.
Solution: How to Put iPhone into DFU Mode

7. Block Ads on iPhone

Honestly, those iPhone ads are really annoying, but how do you do if you want to play games online?
Solution: How to Remove Apps Ads on iPhone

8. iPhone Wi-Fi Not Working

How can we using iPhone for entertainment without Wi-Fi?
Solution: How to Fix iPhone Wi-Fi Not Working

9. Buy Used iPhone

If you are tend to buy a second hand iPhone, then you should want to know how to spend little but get a good one.

Solution: Tips for Buying a Used iPhone

10. Jailbreak iPhone

Need to jailbreak your iPhone to get more permissions?
Solution: How to Jailbreak Your iPhone

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Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Software Review in 2014

If you are the first time lost iPhone data and want to get it back, you may feel intimidated by the quite a wide choice of iPhone data recovery software on the internet. You may find yourself wondering which software is the best. After an extensive study, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program comes out to top.

Tenorshare Company has been focusing on data recovery technologies for many years, especially on iOS device. Except iPhone Data Recovery, Tenorshare also developed iPad Data Recovery, iPod Data Recovery and iOS Data Recovery, and all of these software are received high acclaim. Then, is there anything special about this iPhone data recovery software developed by Tenorshare? Here's what you need to know:

1. User Interface
When you launch Tenorshare iPhone data recovery, you will get the interface as below:
 tenorshare iPhone data recovery software review

The user interface is simple and definite, the functions are obvious: “Recover Data from iOS Device”, “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” and “Recover Data from iCloud Backup File”. And you are able to switch to German on the in the upper right corner if you need it.

2. Operating System
Supported OS: Windows 8.1/8/Windows 7/Vista/Windows XP (64&32 bits)
Supported iOS: iOS 8, iOS 7.1.2/7.1/6/5/4/3, etc.
Supported Device: iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS

3. File Type Supported
Text Messages
WhatsApp Data
Call History
Voice Demos
Safari Bookmarks
SMS Attachments
Tango Messages
App Data

4. Data Lost Reasons Supported
Accidentally deleted
Factory reset
iOS 8/7/6 Upgrade or Downgrade
iPhone is broken, water damaged
Sync lost data
System crash
Data lost without any cause
And more



  • Allows recovering up to 16 types of data from iPhone run on iOS 8/7/6 system with three options: from iTunes backup, via iCloud backup and without backup.
  • 4 professional versions: iPhone 5(5S/5C/5), iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS
  • The rarity software supports to restore data from iCloud backup.
  • The only software supports Tango messages recovery.
  • Provide lifelong free upgrade for member.


Not freeware.
The trial version provides 3 free files recovery on every file type. If you want to recover more, you have to pay $59.95 to get the full version.

Overall, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software is the great way to get back your precious data quickly and easily. It also gets a high rate on CNET, Softpedia, Tucows download sites. Despite it is not freeware, it is worth to spend a little to recover all the iPhone data.

Give it a shot:
Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery for Windows ($69.95)
Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery for Mac ($79.95)