How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone 5S

Q: I have accidentally deleted all the messages off my best friend on my iPhone 5S, is there any way of getting these messages history back?

A: You’d better provide more information next time you have such problems, such as what iPhone model you have and whether you made backup previous or not. Since I don’t know the details, there I will cover the ways for all the possible situations, so methods in the following works for all the iPhone models running on iOS 8 and earlier.

how to recover deleted iMessages from iPhone

# 1: Recover Deleted iMessages iPhone from iTunes Backup

You have backed up those lost iMessages on iTunes and it still here, please perform the following steps:
1.Connect iPhone with computer.
2.Launch iTunes and after iPhone is detected, tap the “Summary” button on iTunes and click “Restore”.
3.Choose the “Backup” option and restore all the files including iMessages on iTunes backup to the iPhone.

I must remind you when the restore process is over, then all the data on your current iPhone will be covered, in other word, you have successfully find back lost iMessages, however, at the same time you have lost some the other data.

In order to prevent the tragedy, please go to #3 to learn how to recover iPhone data from iTunes backup without data loss.

# 2: Restore iPhone iMessages from iCloud Backup

iCloud is a great way to backup iPhone iMessages wirelessly, but similar to iTunes backup restore, if you follow the Apple tech, all your iPhone data will be deleted. Moreover, to recover iMessages, you have to download the whole iCloud backup file which will cost you a lot of time. Don’t worry, both of these two issues can be fixed, see here.

#3: Recover iMessages without iPhone Backup

This is the frequently asked question because most of yours won’t realize the importance of backup until data lost. For the moment, iPhone data recovery software is the only way to undelete iMessages without backup.
iPhone iMessage recovery tool not only can recover data from iPhone directly but also recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup which won’t delete data on your current iPhone.Moreover,this tool enable to print iMessages!

Hopefully, these methods help you retrieve iPhone iMessages from your important friends or families, if you want to know more iPhone data (such as Tango messages, photos, voice memos) recovery, please write in and let me know.