How to Retrieve Deleted iMessages on iPhone 5S

Can you retrieve deleted imessages on iPhone 5S?
I have deleted all the iMessages from an important customer. I really would like to get back the chat history. Is there any way to recover deleted imessages?

It is possible to recover iPhone iMessages after deleted or lost, and it is not difficult. The operation of iPhone iMessages recovery is similar to iPhone text message recovery. In short, if you have backup, you can restore imessages from backup, if you don’t have, you can try the third-party iPhone data recovery software.
recover deleted imessages from iPhone
First, I will explain some questions you may want to ask.

Q 1: what the backup can I restore imessages?
Answer: Both iTunes and iCloud could backup iMessages from your iPhone so that you can restore from any of it.

Q 2: I have no backup, any way to retrieve data without using third party software?
Answer: No! So far, data recovery program is the only way to recover iPhone data without backup.

Q 3: iPhone data recovery software is also able to restore iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup, then should I follow the Apple instruction or use recovery software when I have a backup?
Answer: Good question! Apple instruction allows you to restore backup files to iPhone but it will deleted all the files on iPhone at the same time, and the data recovery program will save the recovery imessages to the computer that it can keep your current iPhone data. Therefore, iPhone data recovery software is highly recommended.

Search online you can find lots of data recovery software but not all of the software work well, they all claim they are the best then who should we trust? I trust Google! I typed “iPhone Data Recovery” on Google and found Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery rank in the first place. This program is also the most amount of downloads on CNET. I have tested it and it worked perfectly.

Here is the step by step guide provided by Tenorshare: Recover Deleted iMessages from iPhone. No matter you lost iMessages caused by accidentally deleted, or factory reset, iOS 8 upgrade, jailbreak iPhone etc. this tutorials will helps you. Moreover, it also supports iPhone 5C/5/4S/4/3GS.


6 Things About iPhone I Bet You Are Interested In [Infographics]

Think as an iPhone user, how much do you know about iPhone? Think again. Can’t think any except the basic purpose of iPhone? Well, here is look at these infographics to check out the interesting and valuable things you've likely missed.  

1.    iPhone 6 Release Day, New Features and Rumors

No doubt iPhone 6 is the current phone most people look forward to, and most person have can’t wait to know everything about iPhone 6, check out this infographic to know iPhone 6 release date, news and rumors first.

iphone 6

2.    iPhone or Android Phone?

iPhone 6 is worth expecting, but not everyone is crazy about iPhone. Those who still are struggling whether to buy an iPhone or an Android phone should make your final decision after you compare the functions of these two kinds of phones.

iphone vs android

3.    Fix Broken iPhone Display

iPhone screen is fragile, that’s one of the disadvantages on iPhone. iPhone screen is easily to be broken caused by accidentally fell out of head or knocked off table. To save your money, you are able to replace your iPhone broken screen yourself by following this picture guide.

fix broken iPhone display

4.    Fix and iPhone Dropped in the Toilet

iPhone would be damaged more than one ways, and iPhone is dropped into water is the common way. Once this happen, please do these steps to rescue your iPhone ASAP. 

fix water damaged iPhone

5.    iPhone data recovery

What would you do when you found your iPhone contacts, photos, text messages are lost? Don’t give up, and the lost data still can be retrieved. This infographic will tell you how to recover iPhone data with 3 ways.
iphone data recovery

6. iPhone is Harming Your Health

Warn: You can get lot of fun from iPhone, but the long time using iPhone may harm your health. To avoid sickness like “Text Claw” or “Phantom Vibration Syndrome”, please put down the iPhone to enjoy in real life.

iphone is harming health

Far more interesting things about iPhone can't not be listed here, then please get it from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/ios-data-recovery/


2 Best Alternatives to iTunes for iPhone

iTunes 11.3 was released today, brought the new feature that it is able to add iTunes Extras for HD Movies, and the new content will be added automatically to previously purchased iTunes movies for free. Yet, the iPhone and iPad users have to wait for the release of iOS 8 this fall. Well, sometimes iTunes also would make iPhone, iPad users disappointed that they may want to find the iTunes alternative. In this article, two alternatives to iTunes for iPhone, in particular, the data management function, will be highly recommended.

1.    iAny Manager- Alternative to iTunes for iPhone Backup

iany manager

iAny Manager is an awesome substitute for iTunes to backup and restore iPhone data but better than iTunes.

You can backup iPhone data with iTunes, the result is to create an iTunes backup file on the computer, however, this backup file is unreadable or rewriteable. Every time you synced iPhone with iTunes, the backup file will be updated and all the files in the last backup file will be covered. Even worse, after the restore, data in iPhone will be deleted! Fortunately iAny Manager have worked out these problems.

iAny Manager provides two ways for iPhone data backup:
The first method: Transfer iPhone data to computer as readable and editable file.
The second method: Backup all iPhone data on PC as backup file. The backup times is unlimited and won’t cover the last one. 

2.    Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery- Alternative to iTunes for iPhone Data Restore


iPhone data recovery

As we mentioned above, all the files on iPhone will be overwritten after restoring data from iTunes backup with iTunes, and iPhone data recovery is able to avoid this point and do iTunes what can’t do.

3 iPhone data recovery modes on Windows/Mac Versions

-Restore iPhone Data from iTunes Backup: The advantage of this recovery mode not only because it won’t delete the current data on iPhone, but also because this way needn’t iPhone. Just imagine if your iPhone is stolen, lost, broken, water damaged, how can you restore data into iPhone?

-Restore iPhone Data from iCloud Backup: Likewise, no iPhone is required, and no iPhone data are deleted after recovery, just need iCloud account and password. The most important point is this program allows restoring data from iCloud selectively which will save you a lot of time.

-Recover iPhone Data without Backup: No one can help you if you do not have a backup before iPhone data recovery program was developed. So, this recovery mode has a great significance.

Note: iTunes installed in the computer is required when use these two iTunes alternatives for iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS.


How to Get Back Deleted Tango Messages from iPhone 5S after Deleted

Can you get back tango text messages from iPhone 5S after deleted? YES or Not? If yes, could you mind share how you do it in short in the comment? If not, I hope my experience will help you.

Tango is an app for communication like WhatsApp, Viber. Long time ago, we are able to recover WhatsApp data from iPhone, retrieve Viber messages on iPhone, likewise, it is not difficult to restore tango messages and contacts from iPhone. Like the other type of iPhone data, you can undelete tango messages from iPhone, iCloud or iTunes, and the easiest method is to use Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software. BTW, Tenorshare iPhone data recovery is the only software for iPhone Tango messages recovery.

how to recover deleted tango messages from iPhone

Download, install and run iPhone Data Recovery program on computer.

Method 1: Restore Deleted Chats on Tango from iTunes Backup

No iPhone is required. And it won’t delete data in your current iPhone. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Click “Recover Data from iTunes Backup” mode in the program and then all the backup files in this computer will be distinguished. Select the backup file for recovery, hit “Start Scan” go to the next step.
Step 2: When the scanning is finished, you can preview found data before recovery. Tango data is listed in the bottom of catalog. 
Step 3: Selectively recover any tango chat history by clicking “Recover” button after the picking.

Method 2: Retrieve Lost Messages on Tango from iPhone via iCloud Backup

This method is much simpler, what you need just iCloud account and password. And don’t worry the security, Tenorshare promise the privacy protected. Now, let’s begin.

1. Switch to “Recover Data from iCloud Backup” mode, and enter Apple ID and password, and then choose the iCloud backup, click “Next” to download this iCloud backup file.
2. All the data in iCloud backup will be scanned as the download process is over, you are also allowed to preview data before recovery in the mode.
3. Mark those messages need to extract, simply click “Recover” button to save them on computer.

Method 3: Recover iPhone Conversation History on Tango without Backup

This is the last choice. Without iCloud or iTunes backup, tango messages still can be recovered, but since some old data may be overwritten, then it is not strange that some part of tango message can’t be found.

Switch to “Recover Data from iOS Device” mode, and connect iPhone 5S with computer via data cable, the scanning is start when connected successfully. Then follow the instructions to recover deleted tango chat without backup.

If a problem is encountered when recover tango messages on iPhone 5S, please leave a comment below, I will get back to you ASAP.