How to Retrieve Deleted iMessages on iPhone 5S

Can you retrieve deleted imessages on iPhone 5S?
I have deleted all the iMessages from an important customer. I really would like to get back the chat history. Is there any way to recover deleted imessages?

It is possible to recover iPhone iMessages after deleted or lost, and it is not difficult. The operation of iPhone iMessages recovery is similar to iPhone text message recovery. In short, if you have backup, you can restore imessages from backup, if you don’t have, you can try the third-party iPhone data recovery software.
recover deleted imessages from iPhone
First, I will explain some questions you may want to ask.

Q 1: what the backup can I restore imessages?
Answer: Both iTunes and iCloud could backup iMessages from your iPhone so that you can restore from any of it.

Q 2: I have no backup, any way to retrieve data without using third party software?
Answer: No! So far, data recovery program is the only way to recover iPhone data without backup.

Q 3: iPhone data recovery software is also able to restore iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup, then should I follow the Apple instruction or use recovery software when I have a backup?
Answer: Good question! Apple instruction allows you to restore backup files to iPhone but it will deleted all the files on iPhone at the same time, and the data recovery program will save the recovery imessages to the computer that it can keep your current iPhone data. Therefore, iPhone data recovery software is highly recommended.

Search online you can find lots of data recovery software but not all of the software work well, they all claim they are the best then who should we trust? I trust Google! I typed “iPhone Data Recovery” on Google and found Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery rank in the first place. This program is also the most amount of downloads on CNET. I have tested it and it worked perfectly.

Here is the step by step guide provided by Tenorshare: Recover Deleted iMessages from iPhone. No matter you lost iMessages caused by accidentally deleted, or factory reset, iOS 8 upgrade, jailbreak iPhone etc. this tutorials will helps you. Moreover, it also supports iPhone 5C/5/4S/4/3GS.

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