Power Button Losses/Rattles When You Shake the iPhone 5S, How to Fix?

Does anyone face the issue that iPhone 5S power button loose and utter annoying rattling noise? This happened on me after I got iPhone 5S two weeks later. The bad QC!

Quite annoying, I know. It's pretty common actually. You are not alone in suffering. Large amounts of users have been suffering loose power button/rattle on iPhone 5S when shake it. In fact, it won't have any great impact for using iPhone. However, if you can't stay with it, quickly go to Apple store and get it replaced when your iPhone 5S is still under warranty.

Beyond the warranty or there’s no apple store close by? Well, nothing more to be said, find the solution and fix it yourself! Moreover, it will most likely have the same issue even if you can get a replacement from the Apple store.

I spent almost an hour to find the solution on the internet, and the result is no exact way to repair the loose button, no matter on iPhone 5S, or other iPhone versions. The only way that has helped part of iPhone users successfully is one answer from apple support community:

The power button you press with your finger, hovers in place over an internal button. The power button is loose so it can move down when you press, the slight space allows minute movement when you shake it.

It didn’t work for me. Yet it is still worth to have a try, after all, someone have benefited from it, so don't give anything away. If you have any ways to solve this problem, please let us know in a comment below, every response will be appreciated!

Furthermore, even you take the iPhone 5S to Genius Bar, what they can do is to replace it, not repair it. Therefore, it is necessary to get Apples attention, if you have encounter loose power button on iPhone 5S, report to Apple here- http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html 


7 Notes Before You Jailbreak iOS 7 on iOS Device

After a long and waiting, EvasiOn team released the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak eventually. I have jailbroken my iPhone 5S, everything is perfect but lost all my previously stored contacts, photos, text messages, bookmarks etc. Haven’t backed up my files before, is there a way to recover this stuff? -From Dillon.R                                                             
Indeed, it is wonderful to free your iPhone, iPad and iPod by jailbreaking iOS 7. Yet, inopportune operation may risk your device. Thing happen on Mr. Dillon can be easily solved if you have read the first note on Evasi0n7-“Backup your device using iTunes (or iCloud) before using evasi0n. If something breaks, you’ll always be able to recover your data.” To avoid more similar mistakes, in this article, I will emphasize some important notes before jailbreak iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and give the possible solutions if you have got into trouble unfortunately.

jailbreak ios7

Note 1: Make sure you need to jailbreak your device
It seemed unessential. Actually, still some guys jailbreak iOS 7 blindly that only for the trend or just for fun. Being clear about the purpose of jailbreak, and it would be better to do something significant.

Note 2: Find out what Evasi0n’s iOS 7 jailbreak is
It is important, special if this is the first time you try to jailbreak your device.

The EvasiOn iOS 7 jailbreak is an untethered jailbreak which enables to free your device from the limitations imposed on it by your carrier, whether that's AT&T or Verizon, and Apple. It is compatible with any iOS devices like iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod touch running on iOS 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3 and 7.0.4.

Note 3: Backup data before jailbreak
From previous experience, a lot of iPhone users lost their data after the jailbreak, so it is highly suggested that backup your iPhone or iPad data before use Evasi0n7. Click here to learn how to backup iPhone data on iCloud/iTunes/PC quickly.

If you do not have a backup, go for Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, a smart data recovery program supports all devices to recover data lost after jailbreak without backup.

Note 4: Disable the lock passcode
Turn off passcode lock on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices by following:
Open “Settings App”> Select “General” from left panel> Select “Passcode Lock” on right side> Enter your current passcode> Tap on “Turn Passcode Off”> Enter current passcode. Turn off!

Note 5: Stop any task on iOS and iTunes during the jailbreak process.
Incompatible operation may break the process.

Note 6: Evasi0n7 progress gets stuck
Don’t panic when the process gets stuck, the correct operation is to restart the program.
iPhone or other device can then be rebooted and the jailbreak process done again.

Note 7: Can’t open EvasiOn7 on OS
You may get this error if you are using OS X10.8 or later version.
Here is the fix:
First, control-click or right-click evasi0n.app,
Then, choose open and again click on open in the dialogue box.
OR right-click, choose Show Package Contents>> Contents>> MacOS>> and click evasi0n7.

That’s it! Of course, it would be best that you jailbreak iOS 7 perfectly without any mistake. And, Merry Christmas!
merry christmas 2013


How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages and Contacts on iPhone

Just yesterday, I accidentally deleted messages and contacts number in WhatsApp on my iPhone 5S. Long ago I have got that the deleted data still maintain on the disk until it is overwritten by the new one, no matter for the files on computer, iPhone or Android phone. Therefore, I stopped using my iPhone immediately and found how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages and contacts iPhone on the internet ASAP.

At first, I was disappointed by reading the note below from official WhatsApp FAQ:
Since your WhatsApp conversation history is not stored on our servers, we cannot retrieve any deleted messages for you. In WhatsApp version 2.10.1 and later, you can use our iCloud backup feature to back up and restore your chat history.

iCloud backup is great yet it limits 5GB of free stored storage that I never thought about backing up my iPhone data with iCloud. Although I couldn’t recover WhatsApp messages from iCloud, I succeeded in finding another great way when kept on browsing, a little tool named Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery which enables us to extract WhatsApp chat history and contacts from iTunes backup file or from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS directly, even supports iPad and iPod Touch. No tech skills are required, without jailbreak. For my part, much easier that iCloud! No time to waste, let’s get started.

Above all, downloading Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery program on your computer and install it. Next I'll take a step-by-step approach to explain how to recover WhatsApp data from iPhone without jailbreak with two ways.

Way 1: How to recover iPhone WhatsApp without Backup

This method exactly for iPhone users who do not have iCloud backup or iTunes backup before lost files. And of course for those people who lost WhatsApp messages and contacts due to accidentally deleted, iOS upgrade, factory restore and more. Let’s check how it is going in steps.

SETP 1: Launch WhatsApp Recovery and connect your iPhone with PC via cable, and the program will detect your phone automatically and begin scanning all your existing, old and lost WhatsApp chat, contacts, just wait minutes.

SETP 2: After the scan, the founded files will be displayed in categories as Chat and Contacts.
The interface as follow:
recover chat history contacts without iPhone backup

 >>> To retrieve chat history WhatsApp iPhone, click “Chat” and select the messages by checking the box in front of the messages on by one or simple choose all, and then hit on the Export button to extract it on your computer.
>>>To obtain WhatsApp contacts iPhone, check “Contacts” categories, mark them when you see the contacts you want, or just quickly select all, and save them on your computer with clicking “Export”.

Way 2: How to restore iPhone WhatsApp from iTunes Backup

If you use iTunes to manage your iPhone then you can get back your iPhone data from iTunes backup file easily. Unlike the method provided from Apple, with WhatsApp Recovery, you can complete the whole process without iPhone, it is especially suited when your iPhone was broken, water damaged, had iPhone stolen etc.

Important note: Disable auto synchronization on iTunes to keep your data safe.

Step #1: Run WhatsApp Recovery and move your mouse on the upper right portion of the software to select the backup of your iPhone. After that, the program will scan all the missing chat history and contacts on your iTunes backup by itself.

restore whatsapp messages contacts iPhone from iTunes backup

Step #2: The scan will stop few minutes later. You can preview all chat and contacts contained in the iTunes backup. To retrieve WhatsApp messages from iPhone backup, mark those WhatsApp messages you want and click “Export” to bring back them on your computer. Likewise, restoring WhatsApp contacts from backup is very easy.

One more tip:
Upgrade to Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery to recover more data including photos, text messages, notes, safari bookmarks, call history and more, if you have such a need.


iPhone 5S Not Charging! Can I Do Anything About It?

iPhone 5s is not charging
My iPhone 5S is not charging! Please help!? Whenever I plug the charger in, it will not charge.

The bad iPhone experience still happens on the newest iPhone. Some iPhone 5S not charging to 100 percent, while some is not charging at all. Such thing happens especially since iOS 7 update. If you are facing this kind of condition, keep reading the detailed solution below.

The First Recommendation
Enjoying your rights during warranty period! If your iPhone still under warranty, just save your trouble by contacting Apple Support to request for repair or replace charger and cable, like a sluggard.

Unfortunately, your under warranty has expired? Then, just fix the matter yourself!

Above all, make sure your battery hasn’t dead, for iPhone won't charge with a dead battery. Here are the most common iPhone not charging issues and how to solve them:

Issue #1 iPhone 5S not charging through USB- Here what I mean particularly for power outlet with the Apple USB power adapter.

iPhone is not charging
The solutions:
1>    Restart your iPhone. I believe everyone have noticed that sometimes restart computer can solve some minor issues. Similarly, restart iPhone and charge again, things may be solved.
2>    Once a piece of dust inside the USB end of the cable and it was blocking the full connection I blew it and everything is work fine. Therefore, check iPhone dock connector or your USB cable to see if something there.
3>    Check USB cable and wall charger. Just like a test, it is better to borrow a normal USB and wall charger. To test USB port itself that's broken, you can replace your iPhone cable by getting a good one. Buy a new cable from store if question appears on USB cable. Likewise, test your wall charger in a similar way.
4>    Perform a recovery-mode restore. Recovery mode can help solve complex problems as iPhone displays the Apple logo with no progress bar. I have written an article special for how to enter recovery mode with single click before. Backup your data once you decide to do it because of such operating will lead to data loss. Otherwise, you have to take some measures for iPhone data recovery.

Issue #2 iPhone 5S not charging in car- In practice, most car owner like to charge iPhone with car USB charger.

I saw these from an answer for how to solve unable to charge the iPhone problem, so here I just give a direct quotation.

* Reasons for unable to change the iPhone 5S using car USB charger includes:
1. Car USB charger is not supported for iPhone 5S.
2. Loose connection iPhone 5 is not charging.
3. Connecting ports in car is not working.
4. Power supply problem in your car because of this problem raised.

iphone 5s not charging in car
* Follow these remedies to resolve the iPhone 5S not charging with car USB charger:
1. If loose connection exists then resolve it.
2. Change to new if USB cable not working.
3. Repair it if connecting ports are not working in car or iPhone 5S
4. Check the battery of car working or not to keep charge.

Issue #3 iPhone 5S not charging on computer- Cannot get a reliable charge from a PC over the USB>Lightening cable.

Here are 2 ways that you can use:
1) Change USB port. Plugging your iPhone 5S into another USB port on your computer or another computer.
2) Make sure the device drivers have installed properly. If you can’t get the "apple mobile device USB" prompt when plug in iPhone, just installed properly it.

Issue #4 iPhone 5S fails to get fully charged till 100 percent- Or sometimes need to last 1 hour to charge fully.

There might be problem in the connection slot or battery might have got overheated. Therefore:
-Check the connection slot.
-Make sure the iPhone does not get overheated during charging.
Besides, it will be better to charge it in switch off mode.

I think your problem will be solved now. Or you’ve tried other ways worked for you but I don’t mention in this article, leave a comment below right now.