Why You Shouldn't Update iOS 8 Yet

iOS 8 beta 2 was available on Tuesday. It is quite unobjectionable for the developer to update iOS 8 beta immediately. But as a general user, you couldn’t resist the temptation when read the news about iOS 8 like “Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Apple iOS 8” that you even upgraded iOS 8 beta version on your iPhone or iPad without a developer account. However, what I want to tell in this article is, please don’t update iOS 8 yet. Let me explain why.

Reason 1: Beta Version Usually Means Instable

Developers are more likely act as tester of iOS 8. Every time iOS 8 update will along with bug fix, and some of these bugs are found in the use of previous version. This is a bad experience if the system is not stable. Are you willing to take on part of test?
iOS 8 is not instable

Reason 2: Compatibility Problem with Third-Party apps

WhatsApp crash is the common phenomenon on iOS 8 update. This issue is also happen on other apps. The apps most people use are about social and games. Just imagine, miss important messages or wonderful update from your circle of friends, program suddenly shut download when play games, what a bad thing it is!

Reason 3: Old iOS Device May Not Work Well on iOS 8

iPhone 4 doesn’t allowed to upgrade iOS 8, but don’t get excited if you are iPhone 4S user. For the iOS device just reach the requirement won’t get the best service with the newest iOS 8. This point deeply verified on iPhone 4 which run on iOS 7.
old device doesn't work well on iOS 8

Reason 4: Jailbreak is Not Provided So Far

The Evasi0n team hasn’t launched iOS 8 jailbreak yet, moreover, you will lost your jail broken on iOS 7 too.
jailbreak ios 8 is not allow

Reason 5: iOS 8 Update Due to Data Loss

Most of tutorials about how to download iOS 8 will remind you to backup data for the device you will install iOS 8. Yes, just do it. Most users lost iPhone contacts, text messages, notes, photos, WhatsApp messages and more files after update to iOS 7, and such case still can’t avoid on iOS 8. Even worse, you can’t restore data from previous iOS 7 backup if you use iTunes to backup files. Therefore, you should backup iPhone data before update iOS 8 with a third-party tool like iAny Manager.
Reason 6: Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7 is Not Available

Some articles on the internet claimed that they can help you downgrade iOS 8, but for some iPhone users it doesn’t work. And you will lose iPhone data again after the downgrade.
downgrade ios 8 to ios 7

Thus, it is wise to wait for iOS 8 full versions. Someone could say there is no sense waiting till the full version, yeah, some new features of iOS 8 are worth to update ASAP and enjoy it.

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How to Restore Lost Contacts from iPhone 5S After iOS 8 Update

Attention, if you want to update iPhone 5S to iOS 8, you are likely to encounter such things:

Yesterday I updated my iPhone 5S to iOS 8 beta but found all the data stored on my iPhone are all disappeared! I am urgent to recover lost contacts from my iPhone 5S after iOS 8 upgrading. Of course, it could be much better if I can get back lost text messages, photos and other files at the same time.

It's common for iOS 7 update lost contacts, and unfortunately this bug extends to iOS 8 beta versions and may even on iOS 8 full versions. But don’t worry, it is possible to restore missing contacts after iOS upgrade. I will cover all the iOS 8 lost contacts recovery methods in this guide.

restore contacts from iPhone 5S after iOS 8 update

1.    Restore iPhone 5S Contacts from iTunes/iCloud Backup after iOS 8 Update

Apple offers two ways to backup iPhone data, one is iTunes and the other is iCloud. And that means you are able to restore your files from backup whenever you want, but you must be sure that the disappeared contacts have been backed up.

Steps to recover contacts on iOS 8 from iTunes backup:
  • Open iTunes and connect your iPhone 5S with computer;
  • Right click iPhone and choose “Restore from Backup” once the connection is finished;
  • Select the backup file and click “Restore”.

Steps to restore disappeared contacts on iOS 8 from iCloud backup:
  • Go to Settings -> iCloud on your iPhone 5S;
  • Login to iCloud and enter your account and password;
  • Choose the iCloud backup file you wish to restore, and then the iCloud will begin to restore contacts.

Note: both methods will delete your current contact list on iPhone. To avoid that, please use iPhone Data Recovery program to extract iTunes or iCloud backup file to computer.

2.    Recover Contacts from iPhone 5S without Backup After iOS 8 Upgrade

Still, some iPhone users forgot to backup data before update to iOS 8, for this, iPhone Data Recovery software is the only way to retrieve iPhone data on iOS 8 with no backup. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is the world first’s and best data recovery tool supports iOS 8 data recovery.

The process goes like this:
One, download (Link http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-data-recovery.html ) & install program on your computer;
Two, run program and connect iPhone 5S with pc, the program will start to scan iPhone when your iphone is recognized by the software;
Three, click “Contact” catalog on the left to preview lost contacts;
In the end, mark the contacts need to restore, and click “Recover” button.

Special explanation:
All the solutions above also allows you to restore lost photos, text messages, WhatsApp messages, notes, bookmarks, calendar and more files from iPhone. And the solutions are not only for iPhone 5S, but also for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad and iPod Touch.

One more tip
Not enough space to install iOS8? iPhone 5S slows after iOS 8 update? Optimize and speed up your iPhone with the professional utility to care for iPhone-Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro.There are six utilities to revive iPhone: clean iPhone junks, remove bothersome ads, transfer data from iPhone to computer, fix iPhone stuck in update mode, unlock iPhone password, backup and restore quickly. Try this tool right now and get the best performance on your iPhone.


5 Websites You Should Know about iOS 8

iOS 8 will be announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) just few days later, although it will not released until September, some Apple fans will track the news about iOS 8 all the time. Then how to ensure you won’t miss any important news and tips about iOS 8? Well, just subscribe the websites listed below to get everything about iOS 8.

1.    Apple Hot News


apple hot news

The most authoritative news released website for Apple. You can get the latest iOS 8 release introduction, reviews and event Apple news the first time.

2.    iOS 8 Topic on iMore

ios 8 on imore
Not only want to get the lease information, but want to know more like what new features you can see in iOS 8, and then the topic of iOS 8 on iMore is a good information center.

3.    Forum for iOS 8 on MacRumors

ios 8 discussion forum

Read the news is not enough, you want to discuss the iOS 8 with men of the same line. MacRumors forum would appear to be the obvious choice. Not only can you discuss the iOS 8 theme but the iOS 7, iOS 6 and even iOS 5 and earlier.

4.    iOS 8 Jailbreak

ios 8 jailbreak

The next thing most people would do after update to iOS 8 is to jailbreak it to remove the limit.
Get the latest iOS 8 jailbreak news and download the iOS 8 beta the fastest time.

5.    iOS 8 Data Backup and Data Recovery 

ios 8 data recovery and backup

If you have suffered the data lost on iOS 7, then you should know backup iPhone data before update to iOS 8 is very necessary.  What if you do not backup data first and find all the contacts, photos, text messages, notes and more files are disappear after iOS 8 upgrade, well, that’s OK, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program do a great job for iOS 8 data recovery.

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