5 Websites You Should Know about iOS 8

iOS 8 will be announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) just few days later, although it will not released until September, some Apple fans will track the news about iOS 8 all the time. Then how to ensure you won’t miss any important news and tips about iOS 8? Well, just subscribe the websites listed below to get everything about iOS 8.

1.    Apple Hot News


apple hot news

The most authoritative news released website for Apple. You can get the latest iOS 8 release introduction, reviews and event Apple news the first time.

2.    iOS 8 Topic on iMore

ios 8 on imore
Not only want to get the lease information, but want to know more like what new features you can see in iOS 8, and then the topic of iOS 8 on iMore is a good information center.

3.    Forum for iOS 8 on MacRumors

ios 8 discussion forum

Read the news is not enough, you want to discuss the iOS 8 with men of the same line. MacRumors forum would appear to be the obvious choice. Not only can you discuss the iOS 8 theme but the iOS 7, iOS 6 and even iOS 5 and earlier.

4.    iOS 8 Jailbreak

ios 8 jailbreak

The next thing most people would do after update to iOS 8 is to jailbreak it to remove the limit.
Get the latest iOS 8 jailbreak news and download the iOS 8 beta the fastest time.

5.    iOS 8 Data Backup and Data Recovery 

ios 8 data recovery and backup

If you have suffered the data lost on iOS 7, then you should know backup iPhone data before update to iOS 8 is very necessary.  What if you do not backup data first and find all the contacts, photos, text messages, notes and more files are disappear after iOS 8 upgrade, well, that’s OK, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program do a great job for iOS 8 data recovery.

And, don't forget this blog also a great website to know about iOS 8! Here are some popular articles about iOS 8 in this blog you should like:

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