How to Print iPhone Photos, Text Messages, Notes, Contacts & More!

You should also want to know how to do the following:
Is there a way to print text messages using an iPhone 5s running iOS 8?

Since there is no such a “Print” button on iPhone app that allows you to print iPhone data and you can’t drag iPhone data to PC as printable files directly, it seems no way to do that, actually, it is possible! In this article, 3 reliable ways will be introduced to print iPhone text messages, photos, contacts, notes, calendar, Tango messages and more.

Way 1: Print iPhone Data with AirPrint

AirPrint is the technology of Apple Inc. which can help you print photo and document from iOS and OS X apps

Follow the guide in the picture below to learn how to print iPhone data wirelessly:

print iPhone data with airprint

Note: AirPrint is built into most popular printer models, so don’t use an nameless printer when use AirPrint.

Way 2: Export iPhone Data to Print

We can print any data on our computer freely, so you can print iPhone data at random as long as it is saved on PC like the readable files. With iTunes, you can sync iPhone data on computer but the backup file will saved as unreadable file, then you have to choose a 3rd party software like iAny Transfer to export iPhone data to PC.

iAny Transfer is able to transfer any data from your iPhone to computer and save the files as excel, text and more that you can print files on computer which connect with printer straightway.

Way 3: Print iPhone Files with iPhone Data Printer

Any iPhone data recovery software not only is a data recovery tool but also able to print iPhone data with few simple clicks, that’s why we also called it iPhone data printer.

With this iPhone data printer, you can print iPhone data from iPhone and even from iTunes, iCloud. This iPhone data printer supports all the iPhone versions and all the printers. Can't imagine? Check the photos below:

print iPhone data

At the top right corner, you can see the “Print” prompt obviously. For example, if you want to print photos, just connect iPhone with PC and scan iPhone with this iPhone printer, after the scan, check the photos need to print, and click the print button. You also can preview the files before decide to print the data you want.

Read more about how to print photos, text messages, contacts and notes from iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S with ease http://www.any-data-recovery.com/iphone-data/how-to-print-photos-text-messages-contacts-notes-from-iphone-6-plus-6-5s-5c-5-4s.html

Give it a shot and let us know if you had any success of iPhone data print.


Recover Data from iPhone 5S when Stuck in Recovery Mode/Apple Logo/Boot Loop

Here are 3 related questions from Apple discussion forum:

Q 1: My iPhone 5S got stuck in recovery mode while upgrading to iOS 8. How can I exit it from recovery mode without losing data?

Q 2: What can I do to recover data from my iPhone 5s when stuck on Apple logo?

Q 3: iPhone stuck in boot loop mode, any way to fix it without losing data?

As a senior iPhone user, you should know well the situation of iPhone stuck in recovery mode, apple logo or boot loop when you try to update iOS 8/7 or restore iPhone.  To fix the iPhone system error is easy while your data like voice memo, photos, contacts, messages are likely gone after the recovery, that’s why so many people would ask help as above.

recover iphone data after stuck recovery mode/apple logo/boot loop

Also, there are some people want to know that is there any way to backup iPhone data when stuck in error, the answer is NO! At least there is no such a solution at present. Thing is not too bad because you are able to get back iPhone data lost on recovery mode, apple logo and boot loop without backup with a data recovery software for iPhone.

Part 1: Retrieve iPhone 5S Data Stuck in Recovery Mode/Apple Logo/Boot Loop without Backup

When you forgot to backup iPhone data before restore or upgrade, the steps below will works for you. If you have synced iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, we recommend you follow the guide in Part 2.

First of all, download iPhone 5S data recovery software from any-data-recovery.com and install it on your computer (Windows or Mac)
Then, run program and select the first recovery mode. Connect iPhone 5s with PC then this program will recognize and start to scan iPhone.  When the scan process is over, you can preview iPhone data before regain them back.
Finally, select those files you need and click “Recover” button.

Part 2: Restore iPhone 5S Data Stuck in Recovery Mode/Apple Logo/Boot Loop from iTunes or iCloud Backup

As know to all, iPhone backup file is most complete way to return all the files to your iPhone. However, if you’re simply following the backup restore guide from Apple, all the data on your current iPhone 5s will be deleted at the same time.  The fact is most of iPhone users just lost part of files, like just lost some photos that they just need to get the data lost on stuck in system error.  So, you’d better choose a more safe way- iPhone Backup Extractor! The data recovery iPhone tool above is a great backup extractor for iTunes as well as iCloud.

a. Extract Lost Data from iTunes Backup File

Switch to the second recovery mode, then all the backup files on your PC will be scan, just click on the iTunes backup file you need, click “Start Scan” button. After that, preview and extract files.

b. Extract Lost Data via iCloud Backup File

Choose the third recovery mode, enter your iCloud account and password to download iCloud backup file. The last steps are scan and restore data.

Welcome to leave comments if you have any problem of recover data from iPhone stuck in recovery mode, Apple Logo and boot loop.