Lost Notes on iPhone 5S? Guideline for How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone 5S

Question from Apple Stackexchange:
Some of my notes have disappeared from my iPhone 5S. I haven’t made any backup and contents of those notes are very important to me. How can I restore or at least access some of my lost notes?

Lost notes on iPhone 5S and have no idea how to do? Well, first of all, you must believe that you are not alone and someone who have encounter iPhone note lost problem because accidently deleted, factory restore, iOS 7 jailbreak, iPhone deleted it randomly etc. have found the solution and share it on the internet, just like me.

I more prefer to record some important points like dating time, the main meeting content with my iPhone note app than to write it down or use my memory, for it is so convenient that I can record and check notes anytime and anywhere. However, I didn’t realize that this is not an absolutely perfect way until one day I hinted “Delete” on the touch screen of iPhone 5S accidentally. Soon, I retrieve deleted notes on iPhone 5S with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program by using my strong ability of searching for information. But I can’t found a relatively complete guide on the internet especially for iPhone 5S note recovery, thence, I write down this article to help iPhone 5S users to get deleted or lost notes back in a short time.

What’s the fastest way to find lost notes on iPhone 5S?

Saving time and indeed can solving the problem is the key, so there is no doubt that recovery tool is the best choice. Then why I would choose Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery? There are two main reasons: one is this tool have been successfully to recover notes from iPhone 5C/5/4S/4/3GS, the other reason is Tenorshare is a famous data recovery company which not only for iPhone data recovery but also have the popularity of iPhone Backup Password Unlocker, Android Data Recovery, Hard Drive Data Recovery etc.

The Preparations:

* One computer that you can get to the Internet;
* Cable, if you need to recover iPhone notes without backup;
* iTunes backup files,  if you want to restore iPhone notes from backup.

Getting started

Free to download iPhone data recovery from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-data-recovery.html to get started. For Mac users, click iPhone Data Recovery for Mac.

Install program on your computer after downloading it. Run program and you will get the interface below:

As you can see, there are two recovery modes on the main interface of iPhone data recovery tool, what does these two modes means and how to use it? I will introduce to you in detail in the following.

Part 1:

The question at the beginning of the article mentioned that the iPhone user haven’t made any backup, actually, most of iPhone users don’t have a backup. If you are at this condition, choose the first recovery mode “Recover Data from iOS Device” which enables you to retrieve notes from iPhone without iTunes or iCloud backup, then just need to get 4 simple steps below to finish the recovery.
Step 1: Connect iPhone 5S with computer via cable.
Step 2: Click “Start Scan”.
Step 3: Preview lost notes after the scanning is over.
Step 4: Check the notes need to retrieve, click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

Part 2:

It’s so lucky that you have synced iPhone with iTunes before iPhone notes lost, at this time you can recover iPhone notes by selecting the second recovery mode. Below are what steps do you need to take in.

First step: You can see all the backup files on your computer will be displayed when select “Recover Data from iTunes backup file” as recovery mode, pitch on the backup file which contain your deleted notes, click “Start Scan”.
Second step: After the scanning is finished, click “Note” on the left of the program to preview the missing notes.
At last: Hit “Recover” after you check the notes want to get back.

Though the process of Part 1 looks like as easy as Part 2, it is suggested to backup iPhone 5S notes frequently, because as long as you have made a backup, even do not have iPhone 5S in hand, you still can recover iPhone notes. Just imagine, if you had your iPhone 5S stolen, or iPhone is broken, water damaged and so on, how do you recover notes from your iPhone no backup?

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