Lost Contacts on iPhone 5S? Restore Contacts on iPhone 5S ASAP!

Before I wrote this article, I have done a survey on 500 iPhone users about the iPhone contact loss and backup. The findings show that most people have had the experience of losing iPhone contacts but minority of them has made a backup before.


Part 1: Reasons for lost contacts on iPhone?
* 81% accidentally deleted iPhone contacts
* 6% lost iPhone contacts after iOS 7 update or downgrade to iOS 6
* 5% factory reset/restore iPhone that lost all the files including contacts
* 3% iPhone is stolen or damaged, broken
* 1% lost iPhone contacts when syncing
* 4% other reasons

From part 1 of this report, what we acquire is, beware when take actions as delete, update, or factory restore iPhone and more, for these things may result you lost iPhone contacts.

Part 2: What measures have you took for contact backup?
* 78% never backup
* 12% make a backup with iTunes
* 8% adopt iCloud backup
* 2% backup iPhone contact to computer

And the part 2, I guess most people might wonder how to recover lost contacts on iPhone if we have a backup or is there any way to recover deleted contacts on iPhone without backup. Well, in the sections below, we will take iPhone 5S, the most popular iPhone currently for example, to explain what you want to know. The ways mentioned in this article are also available for iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4S/4/3GS.

Strategy 1: How to Recover iPhone 5S Contacts from iCloud/iTunes Backup

The benefit of data backup is all the files are very well preserves that no need to worry about the operation on iPhone will caused the data lose forever, what you need to do is recovering iPhone contacts from these backup. Restoring iPhone contacts from iCloud backup is different from iTunes backup, firstly, let’s check how to recover iPhone 5S contacts from iCloud.

Open your iPhone and go to Settings->iCloud, then login into iCloud by entering account users name and password. Below is what you will see in iCloud setting:

Contacts is in the state of ON, just turn it off. Then you will get a pop-up window, and choose “Keep on My iPhone”. Turn ON Contacts and click “Merge”. That’s all.

To restore iPhone 5S contacts from iTunes backup, follow this:
# connect iPhone 5S with computer and run iTunes
# On Devices tab, right-click on the iPhone and tap “Restore from Backup”

This process enables you recover contacts from the iTunes backup synced last time.

Strategy 2: How to recover deleted contacts from iPhone 5S without backup

I have neither iCloud backup nor iTunes backup, that’s mean there is no way to get my deleted iPhone contacts back? NO! Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery brings you hopes. Actually, the lost contacts still remain on your iPhone after you deleted or other operation unless they are overwritten. iPhone 5S data recovery is such a tool special designed to recover iPhone contacts which still remain on your handset.

Just follow the steps below to recover contacts from iPhone no backup and it'll be easy.

Free download iPhone Data Recovery and install it on your computer/Mac. Run program.

Connect iPhone 5S to computer and select “Recover Data from iOS Device” as recovery mode, then click “Start Scan”.

When the scanning is over, preview lost contacts on the left and check those you need, click “Recover” and save them on the computer.

In addition, “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” recovery mode on iPhone Data Recovery software provides you to restore iPhone contacts from iTunes backup. Different from the way above, this method allows you get back lost contacts from iTunes without iPhone. When you had your iPhone stolen or iPhone cannot be used, go for this way!

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