iPhone 5S Safari Bookmark Gone- How to Recover iPhone Lost Safari Bookmarks on iOS 7

When you are facing the problem with iPhone 5S safari bookmark gone caused by:
*Deleted it by mistake;
*iPhone bookmark missing for no reason;
*Update to iOS 7 and lost all the bookmarks;
*Factory restore iPhone 5S and all the data lost including bookmarks;
*Had your iPhone 5S is stolen.

Don’t feel too bad because you’re not alone. And you are fortunate that the lost Safari bookmarks still can be retrieved easily. Can't believe it? See my Help!

Important Notes:
Stop sync your iPhone 5S with iTunes if those lost bookmarks have been backed up to the last iTunes backup file & please don’t write any data into iPhone if you have the need of recovering bookmarks from iPhone directly.
restore safari bookmarks on iPhone 5s
Except iPhone 5S data recovery software, there still have other ways to restore iPhone bookmarks, like iCloud and iTunes. As it turned out, data recovery tool is the easiest way that accepted by iPhone users. Therefore, this guide will take you through the process of iPhone bookmark recovery with software.

Here's what you need to know:
Applies To:
iPhone 5S, but also other iPhone models as iPhone 5C, iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS and even iPad and iPod Touch.
1.    Computer that allowed using the Internet.
2.    If you need retrieve bookmarks from iPhone without backup, iPhone 5S and data cable are necessary.

Next, what you need to do is to choose the best one from plenty of iPhone data recovery software. Google is your friend, and he shows us that no software get any better than Tenorshare. Let’s get into Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program and how great it is. Above all, download iPhone Data Recovery program and install it on your computer- steps have to take when using software. We will cover both methods in this guide. Here is how:

Method 1: How to Recover Safari Bookmarks iPhone 5S from iTunes Backup

Once you have confirmed you have synced iPhone with iTunes before iPhone bookmarks missing, follow these easy steps:
Step-1: Run program and stay in the second recovery mode-“Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” and all backup files on your PC have been discovered on the list. Click “Start Scan” button to begin.
Step-2: The scan will take you a few minutes. After that, you can preview the recoverable bookmarks on by clicking “Bookmarks” catalog.
Step-3: Tick the bookmarks you want and click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

Method 2: How to Recover Bookmarks on iPhone 5S without Backup

You need to restore bookmarks no backup when:
One, haven’t backed up iPhone files to iTunes or iCloud.
Two, the backup file that contained the lost bookmarks have been covered.

With iPhone data recovery tool, you can get back lost bookmarks simply. 
First step: launch program and select “Recover Data from iOS Device” as recovery mode, then connect iPhone 5S with computer. Click “Start Scan” to scan for lost files.
Second step: preview lost bookmarks when the scan is over.
Third step: Mark those bookmarks need to restore and hit “Recover” button.

Well, there you have it, folks! Your disappeared bookmarks have returned!

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