How to Avoid Your iPhone and iPad Data Being Leaked on iCloud and Secure It

iCloud Hack “ is picked up on almost every news outlet, and it has been set off an animated discussion in famous social networking web platform for two days.  Now all we know is the celebrity nude photos were leaked, but there is no messages like official secret was hacked. As ordinary users, our data on iCloud still safe?  The fact is most iPhone or iPad users are in a panic that they want to know how to protect their data on iCloud and want to find an alternative to backup iOS data.

protect and secure iCloud data on iPhone iPad

Protect Your Personal Photos and Other Privacy Data on iCloud

If you are afraid of the data security on iCloud, then here are two things you should do.

First: Turn off iCloud

Navigate to Setting> iCloud to disable the part of data sync you want to prevent more data is synced to iCloud. For example, to stop nude or other photos backing up to iCloud:
  • Head to Setting >iCloud menu on your iOS Device.
  • Switch off  My Photo Stream feature
turn off phone stream

Second: Change iCloud Password and Request two-factor Authentication

It was wrong if you believe that everything will be ok as long as you delete iCloud file.  Someone has proved that data deleted few years ago still exist on iCloud. Hackers are likely to crack or guess your password with tool if your password is weak enough, therefore, you should change iCloud password right now: Visit https://appleid.apple.com/account/home > Manage your Apple ID> Password and Security> Change Password

Don't use weak password like "123456" or use your name and birthday combination etc.  It is suggested to use two- factor authentication which will send temporary pin on your phone once found your account was login on a different device than usual.

Alternative to iCloud Data Backup

Now part of iPhone users could feel that it is a pretty bad idea to back up all of personal files to cloud storage and the safest way is to backup data on computer.  If you're looking for a more secure alternative to iCloud we recommend taking a look at Tenorshare iPhone 5 Transfer. This tool is designed for iPhone and iPad data management, including data backup, restore, transfer, add, delete and more.  All the backup files will be saved on computer 100 percent safe!

Especially Declare: Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program allows iPhone users to extract all the data from iCloud backup file with login account, but please don’t worry, because it never keep any records of your Apple account or content and Tenorshare promises the security of your privacy. All the recovery data are saved on computer which is 100% safe too.

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