How to Transfer iPhone 5S Photos to Computer

A reader told me “Whoa, I have got the skill of iPhone 5S photo recovery that I won't have to worry about my photos loss.” No, it is not the case. Actually, the best way to protect the photos security is to transfer iPhone 5S photos to computer.

First of all, I like to stress the importance of transferring iPhone 5S photo to PC with 2 points:
Point 1: Tenorshare had upgrade iPhone photo recovery to 4.0 that it even strong enough to recover App photos like WhatsApp, Flick, Instagram etc. However, no matter how powerful the recovery software it is, your lost photos cannot be retrieved once have been overwritten.
Point 2: Indeed, iTunes can easily backup all the iPhone files, yet every time you sync iPhone with iTunes, you will lose the previous backup.

Thus, the safest way is to copy iPhone photos to computer, you can backup photo for many times and won’t be covered.

how to transfer iPhone 5s photos to PC

Is it a difficult work to backup iPhone 5S photos to computer without iTunes? No, with the help of iAny Manager, the process would be pretty simple. iAny Manager is one of Tenorshare greatest creations that specific for iPhone, iPad, iPod data management. iAny Manager has all this functionality- transfer, backup, restore, sync files in your iOS device and iPhone photo transfer is only one of them.

Furthermore, this program not only allows you to transfer pictures from iPhone to PC, but transfer photos from computer to iPhone 5S.

Screenshot of iAny Manager:
iAny manager screenshot

How to Transfer iPhone 5S Photos to Computer Windows 8/Windows 7

To start with, download iAny Manager and install it on your PC. Launch program.
Download link http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-ipad-ipod-manager.html 

Connect your iPhone 5S to this PC via data cable. The iPhone will be recognized once connected successfully.

After a while, all the files in iPhone 5S like photos, video, music, contacts, messages and more will be scan. Hit “Photos” catalogue on the left side menu, and you can view all the photos on your phone.

Mark those pictures whatever you want, or select all, then click “Computer” button on the right to add your iPhone 5S photos to PC.

See, remove photos from iPhone 5S to computer just need this 4-step process. This way also supports iPhone 5C/5/4S/4/3GS and iPad, iPod Touch.

Warm prompt: iAny Manager for Mac haven’t been developed yet, if you want to transfer iPhone 5S photos to Mac, please stay tuned this blog!

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